Spirit of Manufacturing


The Spirit of Manufacturing Awards are dedicated to encouraging and applauding innovation in the manufacturing sector. The Indian manufacturing sector has the potential to drive the policy of import substitution and be the key enabler of exports that can position the Indian economy as the second-largest economy in the manufacturing space, in the times to come. The Award will invite nominations from startups/entrepreneurs in the manufacturing space (less than 10 years of operation). They would be required to highlight the innovation which drives the USP for their organisation. The applications will then undergo two rounds of robust evaluation leading to the declaration of the finalists. The final round will take place before a Jury, comprising business experts and industry veterans who will assess all aspects of the startups/SMEs and declare the winners in each category.


The purpose of the series is to encourage young innovators in the manufacturing space and hone their skills with the right resources under the right leadership so they can be positioned on a fast growth trajectory. The awards work as a platform to showcase some of the most promising startups in the manufacturing domain across the country. The Spirit of Manufacturing Awards are organised by TiE Delhi-NCR & Power2SME, both noted institutions who work closely with entrepreneurs and manufacturers and are creating an ecosystem conducive to boosting innovation and entrepreneurship in the manufacturing sector in India

Rules for Application

The Spirit of Manufacturing Awards is open for SMEs in the manufacturing domain. In addition to this, they also need to qualify a few more parameters in order to be eligible for the awards:

  1. The company should be a registered Indian entity.
  2. The company should have completed less than 10 years of operation.
  3. The innovation should be in the implementation phase (demonstrable).
  4. The innovation can be across any vertical, and not limited to the technology domain.
  5. The interested companies can apply online by clicking on the Apply Now tab. If you believe there is a company in the manufacturing domain that should be nominated for the Award, please click on the Nominate button on the home page and fill in the required details.