Sustainability is the ability of businesses to co-exist with the environment while being profitable.  It has far-reaching consequences and is a major issue for citizens and governments. The present decade is touted as the decade of huge focus on climate change and sustainability. Investors, corporates, and governments are all looking to work towards driving innovations in this area.  Many companies have taken on sustainability targets. Entrepreneurs have also been in action in this space but face their own unique and varied struggles.

The summit will aim to focus on startups working to make global sustainability targets real and achievable for corporates and industries. It will address environment-focused goals from the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals –

  1. Clean Water & Sanitation
  2. Affordable Clean Energy
  3. Responsible Consumption and Production
  4. Sustainable Cities
  5. Climate Action

Issues where intervention is needed to support these startups

  1. Viable Business Models and therefore
  2. Funding Needs & more

Who will participate – Start-ups, Investors, Experts, Policy Makers, Senior Successful Entrepreneurs in inspiration and mentor leadership roles.

Expected Impact:

  1. Benefits for Startups
    1. Knowledge sharing, creating awareness, gaining access to trends and best practices
    2. Opportunity to network and to strike business alliances
  2. Benefits for Investors (VCs) – Platform to spot promising start-ups and nurture young entrepreneurs. Curated startups will present their pitches to Investors

Agenda Topics:

  • Sustainable Food Systems
  • Sustainable Alternate Foods
  • Climate Resilience
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Electric Vehicle Panel
  • Investor Panel

and many more…

(TiE Sustainability Summit 2021: TSS 2021 aims at creating awareness about the importance of integrating the Sustainable Development Goals with entrepreneurship. The pandemic made us more aware of the need to orchestrate a sustainable recovery while delivering more ambitious commitments to protect nature and ensure a climate-safe future)

Join us in changing the world


Supporting Partners

Committee Members

Karthik Chandrasekar
Sangam Ventures

Mark Kahn
Managing Partner,

Dr. Miniya Chatterji
CEO, Sustain Labs,
Professor, SciencesPo Paris

Nayani Nasa
Senior Manager– Startup Engagement Strategy & LEAD – Target Accelerator Program,
Target Corporation India

Ragini Chaudhary
Director Strategic Initiatives,
Caspian Impact (Caspian Debt)

Ravi S Kanniganti
Director – Accelerators & Global Innovations,
Target Corporation India

Sanjoy Sanyal
Senior Advisor,

Smita Mishra
Founder/ CEO,
Fandoro Technologies Pvt Ltd

Subinder Khurana


Next Big Disruptive Venture Idea? Sustainability

2000’s was the decade of the Internet. The 2010’s were about AI/ML. The 2020’s will be all about Sustainability.

Technology will continue to propel the future. But Sustainability will define it.

But Who Will Drive This Change?

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Cleantech funding and its challenges

The capital-intensive nature of many clean technologies, longer payback periods, lower returns, and unique technological and regulatory risks often make investors wary of the cleantech sector. Venture capital – which has witnessed significant activity in renewables, energy storage, and hydrogen technologies, has mostly involved later-stage deals propelling relatively larger companies towards substantial commercial scale-up. However, early-stage cleantech companies in India continue to face multiple conundrums such as high capital costs, lack of adequate debt financing options, and even if such options are available, unsuitable tenures and structures of the loans do not make them attractive options.

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