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TiE Sustainability Conference, road to TiE Sustainability Summit (An initiative by TiE Hyderabad)

TiE Sustainability Conferenceroad to TiE Sustainability SummitAn initiative by TiE Hyderabad12th August 2021, Time 12pm to 7pmBrief Introduction -Sustainability is the ability of businesses to co-exi  … READ MORE

Venture Studio – Startup School – Cohort 2

Venture Studio by Startup School Cohort- 2Venture Studio – the online course will enhance the learning curve of founders and co-founders and accelerate their journey to success. It guides startups fro  … READ MORE

India Internet Day 2021

With our ear to the ground and the drastically altered dynamics, #iDay focuses on brings Global Case Studies and Best Practices on how and what COVID19 has brought upon us. Dont miss India Internet   … READ MORE

TiE Young Entrepreneurs Virtual Program (TYE) 2021-22 – TiE Delhi-NCR

TiE Young Entrepreneurs TYE is a Global Initiative by TiE fostering future generation of entrepreneurs by teaching high school students the rewards and challenges of becoming an entrepreneur. With a u  … READ MORE