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Effective D2C Brand Building

Topic : Effective D2C Brand Buildingwhen do you start brand buildingevaluating the ROI pricing and promotion strategy, media spends and channels, how do you do it, how does it scale, different media c  … READ MORE

Start up ecosystem today – what’s changed and what’s different between the US and India for founders and investors

Start up ecosystem today – whats changed and whats different between the US and India for founders and investorsIndian startup ecosystem has always looked towards the West. And though we aspire to be   … READ MORE

Navigating the 'Funding Winter' – How VCs think in these times

Topic- Navigating the Funding Winter – How VCs think in these times Reverting to the basics – business merit more than vanity metrics Merit of their execution and fundamentals Focus on profitability a  … READ MORE

Growth vs Sustainability: Can EVs achieve both?

One of the biggest factors contributing to the growing clamor for electric vehicles is their environmental friendliness. In a developing economy like India, which houses some of the most polluted citi  … READ MORE

Charter Member Heritage Retreat

Associations work more effectively when charter members know one another as individuals. A charter members retreat is an ideal way time to know other members one-on-one and help them to feel a part of  … READ MORE