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OBJECTIVE – No nation can be considered fully developed unless it addresses the needs and fulfills the aspirations of every segment of society. It is high time that proper focus was given to the untapped potential of people with special needs. The need to focus on the economic inclusion of differently-abled individuals is of immense interest to TiE Delhi-NCR.

TiE Delhi – NCR  and FCDO Govt of UK are collaborating to further their goals of an Inclusive Society. The aim is to bring the strength of both partners to create, nurture, and nourish the eco-system for People with Special Needs.

Key areas of focus will be Entrepreneurship and Market Access as well as policy initiatives that will emerge as an outcome of this initiative.

Inclusion takes myriad forms and Assistive Innovations is in the form of both process as well as technologies. Working with the entities, we hope to bridge the gap between policy and practice as it is very important for businesses, both large and startups, to build inclusion into their DNA. In this respect, access to the market will be a  game-changer.

We are keen to create a repository of all stakeholders and bring in best practices on how mainstream organizations may be internalizing this as well as how startups are approaching it. We plan to access the knowledge and experience you bring to augment Capacity Building, Research & Innovation in this sphere and help play a catalytic role in showcasing and scaling the opportunities to take them to the mainstream.

SCOPE OF WORK- This has three parts:

  1. Making Accessibility Ubiquitous
    1. Identify areas of intervention
    2. Quick action on making all activities inclusive in all aspects progressively.
    3. Advocacy and sensitization with regards to inclusion at the core of all activities and initiatives
  2. Showcasing & Promoting AT & People with Special Needs
    1. Products and services for People with Special Needs
    2. Showcasing enterprises run by People with Special Needs
    3. Mobilizing Funding
    4. Taking Assistive Technology solutions to market.
    5. Maintain a constant ongoing dialogue to bring in and exchange best practices between all stakeholders
  3. Undertake a research report on the current status, challenges as well as collate the work being done at different levels in individual silos


Who can participate (Participation Criteria) – Any person or organization keen to be able to augment the efforts towards Capacity Building, Research and Innovation in this sphere to support an ecosystem.

  • Entrepreneur working on Assistive Tech / Prod/ Service
  • Investor
  • Individuals with Special Needs
  • Support Group
  • Startup
  • Corporate
  • Academician
  • Research Person

EXPECTED OUTCOMES– To be able to create awareness, mobilize investments, and demonstrate the possibility of making inclusivity a reality for all.

  1. Making Assistive Innovations and Technologies ubiquitous
  2. Access to markets
    1. Mainstream organizations adopting inclusion
    2. Start-ups approaching and targeting inclusive measures
    3. Recognizing people with Special Needs as a consumer base

THE PLAN – With the objective of making society inclusive and business opportunities available to all, we will undertake strategic initiatives. This involves focusing on 6 key pillars

  1. Research – Advancing research and knowledge on how to build inclusive societies and the current lay of the land
    • Repository Creation
    • Reports
  1. Networking – Developing direct engagement with stakeholders that can develop and implement more inclusive societies and empower individuals
    • Access to Investment
    • Access to strategic partners that offer the opportunity of market access
    • Connecting and showcasing individuals and organizations in this space
  2. Knowledge Sharing – Educating individuals, corporates, investors, policy makers, influencers and evangelists. Sharing global best practises and showcasing path breaking work in this area
  3. Mentoring – Creating an active pool of intellectual capital as well engaged set of mentors to help overcome challenges and provide business strategies and guidance
  4. Advocacy – Engage and influence relevant policymakers. Create significant awareness to drive home the interest and necessity. Recommend effective remedies for the promotion and formulation of inclusion and accessibility. Promoting the right to participate with the aim of empowering individuals, with business opportunities and not just benevolence

Promotion and Positioning- Offering Opportunity to both Enterprise Solving for People with Special Needs and Special needs entrepreneurs with an opportunity to showcase

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