TiE conducts TYE (TiE Young Entrepreneur), a global program specifically designed for school students of classes 9 – 12. Through this program, TiE is fostering Entrepreneurship and leadership among the youth at an early age, aiming to nurture their entrepreneurial spirit and impart valuable skills beyond the classroom setting. The classes are conducted by professionals and successful entrepreneurs, followed by students brainstorming a business idea and preparing a business plan. Each team is assigned a senior industry leader as a mentor.

The TYE program in Delhi is supported by NatureNurture, Alokbansal.com, Jitin Chawla’s Centre for Career Development & Global Pathfinder. TYE is running in various cities across the world including Atlanta, Austin, Boston, North Carolina, Colorado, Detroit, Seattle, San Diego, Ohio, Dallas, Oregon, Vancouver, Washington DC, Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kanpur, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Melbourne, Australia, Singapore, London, and Manchester.


  • Globally recognised student entrepreneurship program
  • Sessions over 6 Sundays (including one bootcamp)
  • Participants from 500+ schools across India & overseas
  • Participation certificates on successful completion of the course
  • Cash award for regional winners & an opportunity to compete on a Global level
  • $10,000 worth of cash awards for Global winners by TiE Global


  • TYE Batch 2016 -17 – Third Place: CarryOn
  • TYE Batch 2017-18 – Best Execution: Phoolvari
  • TYE Batch 2018 -19 – Maker Faire: Jhutput
  • TYE Batch 2019-20 – Best Elevator Pitch & Best Execution: Why Q
  • TYE Batch 2020-21 – Best Business Model & Maker Faire – WatchBot
  • TYE Batch 2021-22 – 2nd Runner Up, Maiker Faire Award & Best Customer Validation – Detectoclip
  • TYE Batch 2023-24 – Best Execution & Best Customer Validation – Aquatico


  • TYE Batch 2016 -17 – Winners – CarryOn
  • TYE Batch 2017-18 – Winners – Phoolvari
  • TYE Batch 2018 -19 – Winners – Jhutput
  • TYE Batch 2019-20 – Winners – Why Q
  • TYE Batch 2020-21 – Winners – WatchBot
  • TYE Batch 2021-22 – Winners – Detectoclip
  • TYE Batch 2022-23 – Winners – TADAN
  • TYE Batch 2023-24 – Winners – Aquatico


TYE Global 2023-24 two track award winners

(Best Execution & Best Customer Validation – Aquatico)


  • September to October -6 face to face sessions on Sundays at IIT Campus, Delhi (Dates- September 29, October 6th, 13th 20th and 27th from 10am to 1pm)
  • November to January – Students to be divided into teams of 6/ Mentors assigned to teams/ Teams to shortlist business idea/ Teams to submit draft presentation for the shortlisted business idea.
  • Mid-January to March: Students break for exams
  • April: Bootcamp to assess teams progress (Date TBC)
  • April (last weekend): Delhi finals
  • Mid-June June: Winning team to participate in Global Finals


1st June to 30th July 9,400 inclusive taxes
1st August to 31st August 10,000 inclusive taxes
1st September onwards 15,000 inclusive taxes


  • Recommend 1 friend and get a discount of INR 2000/- on the total fee
  • Recommend 2 Friends and get a discount of INR 3500/- on the total fee

*Discount will be given on the fee applicable at the time of the booking





Indra Sood & Vinod Sood (Parents of Srijan & Shreyas Sood)

We’ve always been a staunch supporter of the TYE program. When TiE Delhi introduced it in 2011, I promptly enrolled my son, Srijan, and encouraged a couple of our friends and their sons to join TYE.

The experience was incredible. Srijan and his team were fortunate to receive exceptional mentoring. The classes at IIT Delhi became a highlight of their week, as each session brought back stories and excitement.

The pinnacle was the business plan competition. The team invested considerable effort, conducted thorough market research, and crafted a comprehensive business plan—covering aspects that, to this day, I believe many MBA students and startup founders overlook. Winning the Delhi competition granted them the opportunity to present (and win the third prize) at the global competition in the USA. They not only handled tough questions from judges but also engaged with fellow participants, leaving a lasting impact on their young minds. During this trip and campus visits, all four decided to pursue applications for college in the US.

All four ended up attending Georgia Tech in Atlanta—the dean even noted that Georgia Tech had never accepted four students from the same school before. Much credit goes to the TYE program. During their course, they participated in a similar multi-disciplinary residential program, Grand Challenges, where, for a full academic year, they collaboratively worked on solutions to community problems. The exposure to research inspired Srijan to assist professors, leading to his current position as a team lead at the AI Research Lab at JP Morgan Bank’s headquarters in New York. He has obtained a patent and presented papers at international conferences.

Shreyas’ journey mirrored Srijan’s. He and his team learned to question reality and not accept the status quo. Shreyas attended UT Austin as a Turing Scholar. After his undergrad studies, he worked with Facebook (Meta). Today, Shreyas enjoys contributing to a startup called Traba in New York. Their quest to do something new and unique continues. I also got the opportunity to be a TYE mentor for a few batches. I must say this is a program that leaves a lasting impression on young minds. I have been highly recommending this program to my network.

Shifali Mehta (Parent of Shaurya & Satyam Mehta)

Hi, I am Shifali Mehta sharing with you the story of my children, who are now 23 and 19. Their journey started with Tie (The Young Entrepreneurs), where they founded their own companies. It made them confident, independent, and hard-working humans. Through TIE at such a young age, they were fortunate to meet company Founders and learn from them.

Shaurya Mehta graduated from Stanford University in Financial Engineering and worked with Morgan Stanley for two years after graduating. Now, he has the opportunity to work with Mark Pinkus (Founder of Zynga).

Satyam Mehta started Rural Invest as his business plan with TIE and is still working on it.

He is doing Industrial Engineering and Operations with a minor in EECS at UC Berkeley.

We, as parents, are humbled and thankful to TiE Global /Delhi NCR for giving them the opportunity to learn and grow to the best of their abilities. As a career counsellor myself, I personally recommend the program to all my students. I will always be ready to help with any volunteer work if needed.

For any further details regarding the program or any assistance in making the payment.

Write to us at [email protected] and [email protected]

Contact: Pallavi 9540347215 and Shaila 9818313915.