TiE Charter Members (CMs) are successful, high-profile entrepreneurs, corporate intrapreneurs and thought leaders, who have reached a stage in their professional life when they are ready, willing, and able to contribute to fellow members. (By Recommendation or by Invite only)

TiE CMs are dedicated to the mission of TiE and the virtuous cycle of wealth creation, engaging, and giving back to the community. They believe in the merits of capitalism, and have a strong desire to help other entrepreneurs in the community.

Charter Member Benefits

Charter Members of TiE derive various benefits. They can build a strong, valuable network with their fellow members. Additionally, they find fulfillment in assisting aspiring entrepreneurs by offering them guidance and support. Furthermore, charter members gain access to multiple avenues for involvement with startups, such as:

  • Access to high-potential, high-growth startups for potential investment opportunities.
  • The opportunity to mentor or hire or acquire hire the talented young youth.
  • Exposure to innovative ideas and latest trends across sectors.
  • Special invitation to exclusive events and a chance to participate as a speaker or to be a panel member in monthly events.
  • Networking opportunities across the globe with other successful entrepreneurs.
  • Involvement in leadership and management roles within TiE at the chapter or global level through TiE Global.
  • Complimentary access to all flagship events organized by TiE globally.

The annual membership fee is INR. 45,000/- + INR 5,000/ (one time joining fee) + GST = INR – 59,000/- and for any additional member from the same organisation the fee is discounted to INR 22,500/- + INR 5,000/ (one time joining fee) + GST = INR – 32,450/-

Glimpses of Charter Member Networking

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