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There are today 40,000 startups in India. only about 4,000 of them have any form of funding (including angel). Most of these startups in India are bootstrapped and don’t have access to what venture firms have or to worthy mentors. Trends show that the working-age demographic has started to overlook traditional employment opportunities and there is an increasing push towards generating self-employment.

TiE StartUp School

  • A designed curriculum that weaves Education and Execution in the early stages of their venture.
  • Adopting an open innovation strategy that offers a potent approach to nurturing innovation in entrepreneurial ventures.
  • TSS recommends proactive measures across the following dimensions:
    • Strengthen Core
    • Significantly increase the Seed & Early-stage investment
    • Develop tech and entrepreneurial talent
  • Address both the Business and Personal Elements to empower entrepreneurs a full 360 degrees

When: Open online program. Anytime, Anywhere access

Coverage – Business & Personal


  • How to arrive at and validate an idea
  • Testing the value proposition
  • Identifying a core target customer
  • Cofounders – the “why” and “how”
  • Funding the idea – bootstrapping and milestones


  • Why entrepreneurship? Setting expectations
  • When to be an entrepreneur
  • When to be an entrepreneur
  • Financial capacity and needs
  • How to gauge progress and have a personal “exit” plan if things are not working
  • Personal “ecosystem” – mentors/advisors, early believers

Who will participate

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs at the ideation stage
  • Early-stage entrepreneurs who are looking to master marketing, financial, legal, and technical aspects of starting out
  • Startups facing pain points in the business
  • Individual with an inherent interest in entrepreneurship who wants to gain knowledge about the startup ecosystem or start their own venture
  • Founders looking to scale their ventures successfully

Enter TiE Startup School – an online program supplemented by offline modules that would provide vital knowledge to develop hands-on skills to start a venture, scale a venture, and overcome challenges attached to it. A two-pronged approach that aims to address issues and roadblocks taking into account both business and personal elements of entrepreneurship for Nascent and Growth Stage entrepreneurs.

The online course will enhance the learning curve of founders and co-founders and accelerate their journey to success. It guides startups from Ideation to Validation, Business Model to Business Plan, Marketing Strategies, Team Building, Technology implementation, Funding and leads them to a path of learning with all the support they’ll need.


  • 9-week intensive Curriculum that’s Bold & Global
  • Focused on early-stage founders who have launched
  • 1 day a week – every week focused on a different topic.
  • Not just lectures but application and hand holding
  • Each session tightly curated by practitioners including investors and entrepreneurs
  • Guest Sessions – Inspiring leaders and pioneers from the ecosystem
  • A cohort of 50 Founders only


  • 30 mins – Application from the previous session
  • 90 mins – Classroom Session
  • 40 mins – Guest Session – Moderated Fireside

The Pedagogy

  • The program plan includes advance sharing pre-recorded course material in as recommended preparation.
  • Peer groups for the network during the week and to work on problems/presentations.
  • Workshops / Case – studies as recommended.

The Content

  • Session 1 – Notion of Customer obsession and building products that customers love – Design Thinking
  • Session 2 – Biz Model
  • Session 3 –  Product Management
  • Session 4 – GTM & Sales
  • Session 5- Marketing & Growth
  • Session 6 – Operational Execution and Financial Management
  • Session 7 – Hiring & Building Teams
  • Session 8 – Fund Raising
  • Session 9 – Mission Culture and Value Creation – Ethics, Inclusion, Diversity, and more…

Criteria & Cohort

  • A Cohort of 50 Founders only
  • Applications Open to –
    • StartUps less than 5 years old
    • Should not have raised more than $ 1 mn
  • Entry subject to shortlisting by a panel of experts

High-quality video content to serve as ‘go-to’ ready reckoners for entrepreneurs. An entrepreneurs’ guide to starting up, scaling right, and more.

Video  – Online Expert Video Content

  • In parallel to the Venture Studio program
  • High-quality video content to serve as ‘go-to’ ready reckoners for entrepreneurs. An entrepreneurs’ guide to starting up, scaling right, and more.
  • Anytime, Anywhere access.
  • Curated stand-alone videos created especially for the Content Library
  • Videos augmented from the Venture Studio program
  • Content to be available in English and Diverse Indian Languages
  • Portal will be in different languages to expand the relevance for ‘real’ INDIA
  • Portal will be Accessibility friendly to cater to an inclusive society
  • Example –
    • Excel models of Valuation
    • Excel models of business plans etc
    • Template agreements – NDA, Employee Agreement, Consultancy Agreement, Term Sheet etc

Expected Impact:

For nascent entrepreneurs, the Startup School will help in:

  1. Defining objectives and strategic positioning
  2. Feasibility studies and market research
  3. Developing a business model and a marketing plan
  4. Compliance and regulatory requirements
  5. Building a trusted advisor and mentor network
  6. Connections to sources of funding
  7. Unit economics

For Growth stage entrepreneurs, the Startup School will help in:

  1. Scale-up strategies and growth hacks
  2. Training, mentorship, networking opportunities
  3. Funding sessions
  4. Marketing and finance workshops
  5. Partnerships & corporate engagement
  6. Exit options

Team TiE Startup School


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Kalpana Jain
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Rajan Anandan
Peak XV Partners & Surge

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Sachin Bhatia
Co-founder & CEO

Subinder Khurana
Chief Architect, Story Process,
Partner, Omnivore Ventures

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