Education & Training SIG

The Education sector is a sector where government regulatory aspect plays a more vital role than any other. However with foreign partnerships, rejuvenated Indian players are improvising their methodology, technology and content to match the competition, relevant acquisitions and alliances in this space, the sector is poised toward upsurge.

Major disruptions in this space have made content more accessible and technology & delivery have become premium. Private education sector is estimated to reach US$ 100bn plus. India plans to enhance its formally skilled workforce through vocational education and training from the current 12 per cent to 25 per cent by 2017, thereby adding about 70 million people in the next five years.

The Education SIG brings together all this and much more in an effort to bring to the forefront discussions on the opportunities in this sector , the bottlenecks that entrepreneurs face and solutions and methods to overcome them.

Chair – Vivek Agarwal, CEO, Liqvid
Co-chair – Sandeep Sinha, MD, Lumis Partners

Lead from TiE Secretariat – Upasana Sharma, [email protected]

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