Internet & Telecom

The Internet and Telecom SIG looks at setting conversations around vision 2020 for the industry. Bring to the forefront all major and relevant technology companies from across the country.

In the last few years as money inflow slowed and investors kind of withdrew, a sense of maturity set in. A maturity that brought with it knowledge that investors are looking at sustainable businesses, which are not simple copies and cannot be easily disrupted by larger companies. Investments are hard earned and growth and funding come to innovators who create sustainable differentiators and also adequate barriers to entry.

The discussions that are initiated as a part of this SIG aim to create a platform for global internet players to come together to share best practices, spot exciting opportunities, create value, while defining future trends.

Chair – Mahendra Swarup, Chief Mentor, IVCA; Kunal Bajaj, Socworx
Co-chair – Abhinav Mathur, Chief Technology & Strategy Officer, Spice Global

Lead from TiE Secretariat – Upasana Sharma, [email protected]

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